Election 2016 Letter

Dear voter,

I am seeking your support in the upcoming general election, to be re-elected as a Fine Gael TD for Meath East.

During the recession, so many of my friends and generation had to leave Ireland. Today, I am a 29-year old TD in a Fine Gael-Labour coalition government that is restoring hope and job opportunities in Ireland, not just for my generation but for every generation.

Ireland’s journey towards recovery has taught me two things:

– This country needs a stable government that is strong enough to make decisions which actually deliver real benefits in the long-term. Also, 135,000 new jobs have been created in Ireland in the past four years, and Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe. I believe that re-electing this Government will be the best way  for Ireland to continue its recovery.

– Community spirit and people’s ambition to succeed, are what is driving the recovery. I am a TD, and I am also a member of the local community. I see my role as a Meath TD is to link the two. I do that every day when working with local organisations, schools, businesses, sports clubs and families. I have worked very hard since I was elected less than three years ago, and I believe that my work is making a difference for the people whom I represent.

I want to continue to deliver for Meath communities as a voice in government, and that’s why I ask for your No 1 vote on election day.

Please contact me if you would like information or support on any community or political issue.

I look forward to meeting you on the canvass, and I would be very grateful for your support please.

Thank you,