Minister Helen McEntee welcomes publication of action report by Youth Mental Health Taskforce

Tuesday, 12th December 2017

Group made up of representatives of youth groups, health experts and various Departments

Taskforce has maintained an exclusive youth focus, taking into consideration children and young people aged 0 to 25

Minister for European Affairs, Helen McEntee, who formerly served as Minister for Mental Health and Older People, has welcomed the publication of the action report of the Youth Mental Health Taskforce.  

The Taskforce was established by Minister McEntee last year to empower and support young people to strengthen their resilience, mental health and wellbeing.
The taskforce was established to improve: 
a. Emotional literacy and reduce stigma so that we build capability to talk about mental health as openly as physical or mental health, 
b. Awareness of services and supports, 
c. Accessibility to services and supports at different times and in different areas, 
d. Alignment of services and supports across different providers (public organisations, private organisations, community organisations, voluntary organisations etc.)
Speaking about the report Minister McEntee said: “We know that many people, and in particular young people, suffer from mental health difficulties. 

“I established the Youth Mental Health Taskforce last year to bring together expertise to develop an action plan, so that we can ensure we have appropriate mental health supports for those in need, when they need it.
“I am pleased that this work has continued under my colleague the new Minister for Health, Jim Daly, and I have no doubt that he will treat this report with the utmost importance and deliver on any recommendations made.” 
Concluding Minister McEntee said: “I want to particularly thank the people on the Taskforce who gave up their time to come together and tackle this serious issue in Irish society.  Government, organisations, families and the community all have a role to play in supporting people with mental health issues.”



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