McEntee welcomes national funding increase of almost 10% for roads in Meath

Monday, 30th January 2017

“I want to join with my party colleagues in Meath in welcoming the
increased funding from national level for roads in Meath.  This years
figures stand at €13,490,518, compared to €12,271,812 this time last
year.  This represents a increase in money terms of €1,218,706 or
9.93% in percentages terms for 2017 compared to 2016.  This is
positive news in any person’s language, we could always do with more,
but it is a significant increase on years gone by.  It compliments the
significant local investment by Meath County Council voted for by
Councillors at their budget meeting.  It also represents the product
of the intense lobbying I and other Fine Gael Oireachtas members have
conducted along with local Councillors on behalf of all our
constituents, road users and road tax payers” Meath East Fine Gael
T.D. and Minister Helen McEntee has stated.

The Minister for Mental Health and Older People stated that this
increased investment locally is mirrored at national level.  But this
investment and future investment is dependent on a the continuation of
a strong economy, with an emphasis on increased employment, increased
productivity and increased exports now even more important in the face
of Brexit.



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