Minister McEntee on Regulation of Homecare Services


Ms Helen McEntee, T.D., Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People has welcomed today’s comments by Mr Phelim Quinn, Chief Executive of HIQA, which called for the extension of HIQA’s remit to homecare services.

“I accept the need to regulate the homecare sector and I can confirm that work on developing an appropriate system is already underway.

Homecare is an increasingly important part of the supports that we offer to older people and this will increase in importance into the future.  It has long been Government policy to help older people and others to stay in their own homes and communities for as long as possible, with long-term nursing care being seen as a last resort only after home care and other community-based supports have fully being utilised. Under this Government that emphasis is being strengthened.

This work is being given further impetus by the establishment of a new Unit in the Older Persons Services function of the Department which can focus on it to the level required. This will happen early in 2017.”


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