McEntee welcomes young teachers pay deal

“Further to my statement today welcoming Minister Richard Bruton’s new
Action Plan for Education this week, I want to also welcome the news
this afternoon Friday of agreement on a new pay deal for young
teachers between the Department of Education the TUI and the INTO.
Ambitious plans require high quality and happy staff to implement
them. This is good positive news for young people, both new young
teachers and their students, and for the wider teaching profession.
This is an issue I have worked on with teachers locally in recent
months, and I know many of them will be delighted” stated Minister
Helen McEntee, Meath East Fine Gael T.D. and Minister for Mental
Health and Older People.


Notes to Editor:

Today’s deal means the controversial two-tier pay scale for teachers
recruited after February 2012 is to be ended on foot of a deal reached
between the Government, the INTO and the TUI trade unions. The deal
will see increases of up to €2,000 per year for new teachers at the
start of their careers. Over the lifetime of a teacher’s career the
agreement could be worth up to €135,000.

However, the deal will not apply to members of another teaching union,
the ASTI, which has remained outside of the Lansdowne Road public
service pay agreement.


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