McEntee welcomes Bruton’s Education Plan

“I welcome the new Action Plan for Education unveiled by Minister
Richard Bruton this week.  Following on from his very successful
Action Plan for Jobs in his previous Department, I am very confident
that Minister Bruton will succeed in his plan to solidify and maintain
Ireland’s place as the leader in Education in Europe.  The challenge
of Brexit and of an ageing European population and sluggish EU economy
compared to our own means that Ireland must continue to be an engine
for native talent and entrepreneurial flair, as well as a magnet for
investment into Ireland and the wider EU. Education is the key to
delivering this vision” local Fine Gael T.D. and Minister for Mental
Health and Older People Helen McEntee has said.

“Minister Bruton is someone who sought to be Minister for Education.
He has a reforming zeal and is a native of Meath, so I have every
confidence he will succeed.  In a wider sense it is important he does
succeed. Education is key not only to our economic and social well
being, but also to our physical and our mental health as well.  So the
success of this plan is important on a holistic level as well, and for
every Department, especially my own, in the long term” stated Minister

“Locally in Meath we have enjoyed significant capital investment in
Education over the life time of the last Fine Gael led Government, in
tough economic times dominated in the early years by the Troika.  That
investment continues today with a major project under way in Ashbourne
and a new building sanctioned for Dunboyne College. With Meath’s
population continuing to grow we need the right accommodation,
infrastructure and facilities for our young people.  We also want the
right people working with them and teaching them, and they must be
rewarded properly for that effort.  Finally we need well trained
talented young people to create and fill the jobs of the future, so
that we continue to have the resources as a country to look after the
old or those with physical or mental health challenges” concluded
Minister McEntee.



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