“Insurance companies in danger of killing the goose that laid the golden egg” – McEntee

“I welcome moves to act on high insurance premia which are having a
detrimental effect on both drivers and Small and Medium sized
businesses in Meath East and throughout Ireland. This is a subject
raised regularly with me at my Constituency Clinics and as I meet
people in their homes and at community events.  The rises in motor
insurance are particularly hard to understand with increasingly tough
NCT and Driver Training tests and no massive jump in accidents or
claims to match rising premia” local Fine Gael T.D. and Minister for
Mental Health and Older People Helen McEntee has stated.

“The work of the Houses of the Oireachtas in forming a committee of
enquiry and hearing from all interested stakeholders and players must
be backed up and followed by swift action to deliver for consumers and
business owners in Meath and I will play my part in Government in
ensuring this happens.  Family incomes and employment are at risk if
the present situation continues and any recommendations coming from
the Oireachtas Committee must and will be followed through by
Government” she said.

“The recent evidence of the Injuries Board Chief Executive Conor
O’Brien to the Committee that there had been no big increase in claims
or awards to justify rises of 70% in the average premium in the past
three years was particularly stark.  I urge Insurance companies to
consider both the social as well as the economic impact of their high
premia. High premia disproportionately effect Meath rural dwellers who
need a car as an essential part of their daily lives. If the companies
continue down their current path they are in danger of killing the
goose that laid the golden egg” concluded Minister McEntee.



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