McEntee urges North Meath community to place their Windfarm opposition on the record

“The most effective way to stop the renewed application for a windfarm in North Meath is by the public placing their opposition on the record through the planning process. I will be making my opposition known, as I have done previously, by way of my own submission. I welcome any feedback, suggestions and ideas from the effected public of North Meath in this regard to help inform my submission. But furthermore, it is vitally important that any one with a personal or commercial stake in the tourism, heritage, historic or scenic amenity value of Kells, Carlanstown and the wider North Meath area makes their voices heard officially too” local Fine Gael T.D. for Meath East and Minister for Mental Health and Older People Helen McEntee has stated.

“I would urge those who are effected and concerned and who want to register their objection to seek guidance from my own office on how to make a submission. Myself and my team will be happy to help. The majority of the general public will not be familiar with the planning process, so it is important to gain an insight into making an effective objection.” Minister McEntee said.

Minister McEntee concluded: “I believe that the public of North Meath and their public representatives from all parties, who have successfully expressed their concern at commercial wind farms of industrial size and scale blighting our landscape previously must be listened to again.  Sadly in North Meath we are again looking at the possibility of industrial size wind farms being built adjacent to and among highly populated and growing communities like Kells and Carlanstown. As a local T.D. I will support these communities in every way that I can, as I have done in the past, to defeat these plans.”



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