McEntee urges maximum public engagement with Kells One Way System trial

Kells traffic

Local Meath East Fine Gael T.D. Helen McEntee, whose constituencyoffice is based at Cannon Street in Kells, has urged the general public and business community of Kells to engage fully with the 6 week trial, and fully note their views, concerns and record its impact so that the trial is meaningful and worthwhile, and gets the best possible outcome for the town.

“My office, like that of any other public representative, has received
alot of feedback on the trial of the Kells One Way System.  We are now
over 2 weeks into a 6 week trial. Opinion is varied. I am urging all
those concerned with the changes to engage fully with Meath County
Council and record its impact on them over the full 6 week trial
period.  In that way Meath County Council staff and elected members
can make a really informed choice about what changes, if any, are
needed to the way traffic flows around the town” stated the Minister
for Mental Health and Older People.

“Ultimately Kells business people, residents and Meath County Council
want what is best for the local community.  All of them want Kells to
succeed and to grow further and develop.  The town has already made a
significant mark this summer on the tourism, heritage and culture map
of Ireland and Europe with its many festivals, some of which were of
international standing.  It is important everyone works together in a
united and focused way to get the possible outcome for the town and
for its long term future” concluded Minister McEntee.


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