Submission in relation to the Part 8 Planning Application by Meath County Council for road construction in Moygaddy/ Maynooth Outer Orbital Route

Tuesday 5th July 2016

Submission in relation to the Part 8 Planning Application by Meath County Council for road construction in Moygaddy/ Maynooth Outer Orbital Route

Reference P8/16003.


I write to express my concern as a T.D. for the Meath East constituency on behalf of residents of Moygaddy and the wider Kilcoon area of Co. Meath regarding the proposed development quoted above.

As a local T.D. this proposed development has been the source of a high level of representations from my constituents in the area affected. This indicates to me a lack of proper public consultation and information on this proposed development. Proper public consultation should be a key element of any such proposed development.

A number of other concerns have been highlighted to me by constituents, which I outline below. I would seek clarity on them please from Meath County Council, and careful consideration of them in any decision made:

  1. Why is Meath County Council, whose authority falls on only 15% or 1.7km of the proposed Maynooth Outer Orbital Route proceeding with the this project in the apparent absence of any matching budget, plans or time frame from Kildare County Council? In the absence of any such matching funding, plans or time frame this road is in danger of becoming “a road to nowhere’. What strategic purpose will this section serve in the absence of the full Outer Orbital Route around the town?
  2. Can the urgent need to develop the supporting and existing road network in Moygaddy and the wider Kilcloon area be recognized by Meath County Council in accompanying plans along with proper budgets and time lines to rectify same? There must be recognition that the present road network is already challenged by current demand, and that this development will only increase pressure, especially if there is subsequent housing development. Examples include the R157, L2214 and L2215, amongst others.
  3. Related to Point 2 there is already a need to address the issues of speeding and the use of Kilcloon as a ‘rat run’ to the Summerhill Road, more footpaths, lighting and pedestrian crossings are needed in the interests of public safety, especially for users of local schools and the Church. The development of this new road increases that need.
  4. The concerns of landowners whose access to their homes or their properties will be adversely affected by this development need to be addressed in a meaningful and respectful manner.
  5. The environmental impact, especially with potential flooding from the Rye River, which is also a Special Area of Conservation must be given proper study and consideration, and local knowledge of the River Rye’s patterns must be consulted and heeded.

Whilst I recognize that as a neighbouring local authority, Meath County Council has recognized in its Development Plan the need to develop the area around Maynooth and facilitate access, this must be done in a very planned and considered way. Any proposal must be balanced against the needs of local residents in Meath who are most affected. Their concerns must be taken on board and addressed in so far as possible. I do not feel that balance has yet been struck in the Part 8 proposal as outlined so far.

Thank you for taking this time to read this submission, and the other submissions from local residents that it supports.

I welcome your feedback on this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Helen McEntee T.D.

Minister for Mental Health and Older People

Fine Gael T.D. for Meath East




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