McEntee highlights need for aggressive Agri-food marketing post-Brexit at Nobber Fair Day

Monday, 27th June 2016

“Amongst many important local events from a tourism and agri-food
perspective held in Meath this weekend, one of the most enjoyable was
my own local Nobber Fair Day. Revived a number a years ago, Nobber
Fair Day is a about a sense of parish and place, and a connection to
times gone by with its impressive Vintage display, as well as pedigree
animals, craft and artisan food stalls.” local Minister for Mental
Health and Older People Helen McEntee has stated.

“Many people whom I met at Nobber Fair Day, and at other events over
the course of the weekend, wanted to discuss Brexit and the
implications for Meath and Irish agriculture and related exports. I
welcome the statement from Agriculture Minister Michael Creed that
safeguarding the interests of the Irish agri-food sector would be
central in informing the Government’s negotiations for the UK’s exit
from the EU. There will be at least a two-year period of transition
for the UK’s departure from the EU, and until then it is business as
usual. A dedicated unit has been set up in the Department of
Agriculture to deal with Brexit and all stakeholders in the industry
will be involved. When the Dáil convenes today I will be highlighting
to Minister Creed that the fall in value of Sterling demands an
aggressive new strategy of Agri-food marketing in both new and
existing marketplaces to compensate” concluded Minister Entee.


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