Meath voters shouldn’t be tricked by Sinn Fein antics on ‘thriving’ Navan Hospital

Meath TD Helen McEntee has said that the second operating theatre is driving Our Lady’s Hospital Navan forward into a thriving new era, and she’s encouraging Meath people not to be tricked by Opposition politicians trying to whip up false fear about the hospital during the upcoming general election campaign.
Deputy McEntee says that surgery is being conducted since last March at Navan Hospital through the Ireland East Health Group (IEHG) partnership between senior consultants at the Mater Hospital and Our Lady’s, and that surgical waiting lists have dropped significantly at Our Lady’s Hospital since the new partnership began last spring.
Deputy Helen McEntee said:
“The surgical partnership between the Mater Hospital and Our Lady’s Hospital that began last March at the refurbished second surgical theatre in Navan is proving to be very successful. Surgical waiting lists in Meath have reduced significantly over the past nine months. The second operating theatre is driving Navan Hospital forward into a thriving new era.
“I compliment Fine Gael’s Minister for Health Leo Varadkar for the support he has given to this Ireland East Healthcare Group partnership and the Mater-Navan link. Minister Varadkar’s statement last October in Navan that 24/7 emergency services at Our Lady’s Hospital are secure, is also a major vote of confidence in our local hospital. Minister Varadkar will be in Meath next weekend, where he and former Taoiseach John Bruton will launch my campaign for re-election to the Dáil in this spring’s election. Fine Gael members of Meath County Council and I will be discussing Navan Hospital with Minister Varadkar over the weekend.
“For some people in Meath politics, this good news story about Navan Hospital isn’t very convenient, with the general election just weeks away. I encourage Meath people to not be tricked by certain Opposition politicians who will try to whip up false public fear on Navan Hospital during the upcoming general election campaign.
“Sinn Féin, in particular, are trying to unnerve local people about the future of Navan Hospital. Sinn Féin are focusing on health because they know that they will definitely lose an election debate with Fine Gael and Labour if the debate is about employment and the economy. I’ve bad news for Sinn Féin in Meath: you’ll also lose a debate with Fine Gael about our thriving local hospital.
“If re-elected, I will have three priorities for Navan Hospital. Firstly, the priority is to improve staffing resources for the new €1.1m A&E unit. Secondly, I want to ensure that we in Meath — patients, the public and local GPs — are fully involved in shaping any future upgrades to the model of care at Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan. And thirdly, I will also be very focused on developing the clinical link between Navan and the Mater Hospital, which is one of the most successful new developments in local health services that has happened in many years. Fine Gael is doing well by Navan Hospital.”


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