McEntee says Riverwalk Court apartments are not fit to live in

Meath Fine Gael TD Helen McEntee has told the Dáil that Riverwalk Court apartments in Ratoath are not fit to live in.

 Speaking during a special debate on housing problems on Wednesday 18th October, Deputy McEntee said:

“Unfortunately, because of building practices that were encouraged by the government that was in office before the Fine Gael-Labour coalition took office in 2011, Ireland has a significant housing crisis.

“In my two and a half years as a Meath TD, much of my time has been taken up with trying to solve problems that were caused by those failed housing policies of the past. Every week I work with homeowners in Meath and elsewhere whose houses are blighted by pyrite.

“At Riverwalk Court in Ratoath in Co Meath, people are living in apartments that are not fit to live in.

The Government’s focus has been on improving the economy and getting more people get back to work. The more people we have working, the more money the State has to invest in social housing, health and education.

“It would be very unwise of any Government to implement quick fixes such as relaxing regulations to allow houses to shoot up in Ireland again like they did several years ago. If that happened, we would end up again with problems like pyrite in housing estates and schools that I have to deal with every day. It is absolutely devastating for the families involved, affecting their daily lives and, in some cases, their sanity.

“These are issues which the Government is trying to deal with through housing policy and policy to help construction.”


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