€9 million Budget increase shows commitment of Govt to helping those affected by pyrite – McEntee

Owners of pyritic homes will no longer have to pay Property Tax

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Helen McEntee, has said that measures contained in today’s Budget clearly illustrate the Government’s strong commitment to assisting homeowners affected by pyrite.

“As someone who has campaigned vigorously on behalf of the owners of pyritic homes, I am delighted by the measures contained in the Budget. There has been a significant increase in funding and owners of pyritic homes will no longer have to pay the property tax.

“Funding for pyrite remediation has been increased to €19 million in 2016. This is up from €10 million in 2015. The amount spent in 2014 was €2.2 million. This is an increase of more than 850% in two years.  

“This will allow us do far more remediation projects far quicker and advance remediation across the board. This will be of huge benefit to those affected by pyrite.

“I am also delighted by the announcement that anyone with a pyritic home will be exempt from paying property tax on that home. The Minister has decided to accept the recommendations made by Dr Don Thornhill in his report on the Review of the Local Property Tax (published  on www.finance.gov.ie) and has asked Revenue to agree to a change in LPT procedures, on an administrative basis, pending the implementation of necessary legislative amendments.

As a result of the Minister’s decision,  The current pyrite exemption will continue in place and will remain confined to those properties having a damage rating of ‘2’ or ‘1 with progression’; however :

– where a property has been accepted for remediation by the Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB) without testing, or
– a property has been remediated by a guarantee company or by a builder/developer or where a party is compensated in lieu of remediation, without testing,

Revenue will accept confirmation of remediation/compensation from either the PRB or the relevant party for the purposes of exemption without testing/NSAI certification.

Revenue will apply these changes from 1st July 2013 when local property tax came into operation. The Revenue Commissioners will shortly publish guidelines in the LPT section of their website www.revenue.ie  

“Some opposition members have questioned the Government’s commitment to helping people affected by pyrite. Today’s announcement disproves their claims. Owners of pyritic homes have cause to welcome today’s announcement. We will continue to ensure funds are there to eradicate the nightmare of pyrite for affected families.”


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